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Once the sheep is sheared, the fleece is spread out and picked clean.
                     The Woolen Fleece needs to be cleaned without felting it.

Carding the fleece gets you Roving                     Which is then Spun into Yarn  


The finished yarn is wound on this measuring stick, called a Nitty Noddy, to calculate the amount spun and to get it linear. Slide the yarn off the Niddy Noddy and onto the Swift so you can use a ball winder without help. The Swift expands out to hold the yarn then spins around while winding. Crank the handle and the yarn wraps around into a ball. You can pull from the center or from both the outside and center of the ball simultaneously for plying upon itself.


Mahatma Gandhi invented a hand-cranked spinning machine, known as a box charkha, 
to promote self-sufficiency in cloth-making as well as a form of meditation. 
Any way you do it - it is relaxing and rewarding.

                        Ashford Traditional Wheel with typical "Mother-of-All"

                                      And with "Grandmother-of-All"

Spinning fiber into yarn is most easily accomplished using a mechanical spinner. 
The most common are hand spindles and the spinning wheel.
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